True Israelites, The PRIESTS of God : A Black People, Scattered throughout the World into Slavery, and Cursed by God

The above depiction is from the Lachish relief, a set of Assyrian stone panels narrating the story of the Assyrian victory over the kingdom of Judah during the siege of Lachish in 701 BCE. Carved between 700-681 BCE, as a decoration of the South-West Palace of Sennacherib in Nineveh, the relief is today exhibited at the British museum in London.

Our History, Not His Story

This powerful and poetic presentation serves as a paradigm shift concerning the past and present identity of the Biblical Israelites. This presentation is taught by Elisha Israel, author of the highly acclaimed book, Into Egypt Again With Ships: A Message To The Forgotten Israelites (African-Americans).

Teacher: Brother Elisha
Church: The HouseHold of Faith 

The Bible’s Black History

The Bible declares that the chosen priests of God – Israelites would be blessed among all nations for obedience but punished severely if they disobeying God. The narrative reveals that the Israelites disobeyed God continually. As a result and as promised, a divine set of curses was pronounced on them including the worst slavery imaginable. The summation of these curses can only fits one group of People on the planet as they are to serve as a sign of identification. This lesson is an in-depth bible study that makes it very clear to identify the biblical Israelites. Jesus will gather his people Israel as well as all believers of different nationalities at his second coming.

Teacher: Brother Elijah 
Church: Israel, The Church of Jesus

Black History: The Curses of Israel

The unique condition of slavery, continual oppression, poverty, sickness and lost of identity and homeland that plagues the so called “Negro” in the Americas, the U.K. and around the world, is actually a divine curse from God that has been foretold and identifies them as the children of Israel.

Teacher: Brother Elisha
Church: The HouseHold of Faith

The True Israelites, Led Away Captive 

The original Jews of the Bible were prophesied to be scattered throughout the world in captivity until the second coming of Jesus (Deuteronomy 30:1-5, Luke 21:24). This lesson is an expose of the various captivities of the Israelites, from 8th Century B.C. Assyrian captivity to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Teacher: Brother Daniel
Church: House of Jacob 

Lesson Notes : The True Israelites Led Away Captive

The Priests of God

Many people pontificate about the “chosen people” of the Bible. However, the majority of the world, including mainstream Christians are ignorant to the fact that God’s chosen people were commissioned to be a Holy Nation of priests to all the sons of Adam throughout every generation (even despite their breaking of God’s covenant). This is why every book of the Bible was written by an Israelite, every prophet in the Bible was an Israelite, the 12 disciples were Israelites, and the entire early Church began with Israelites. Furthermore, this is why Paul, an Israelite was commissioned to be an apostle to the Gentiles (Europeans). It was with grave significance that Jesus informed us in John 4:22 that “Salvation is of the Jews”.

Teacher: Brother Buie
Church: The Israel of God

Israel, The Holiness Church

There are over 40,000 denominations under the banner of Christianity. However, according to the Bible there is only one faith, one Lord, and one baptism. The true and only church of God started with the children of Israel in the wilderness (Acts 7:38). As the Apostle Peter lets us know, God instructed for His church to be holy by keeping His laws, statutes, and commandments. The early church was formed by Jesus and the other Israelites . Seeing that the children of Israel are God’s chosen priests, the N.T. reveals that the early church taught the other nations how to get salvation by believing on Jesus and being holy. However, today without Biblical substantiation, the criteria for being holy (the holy law) has been “done away” with by the Roman Catholic Church and her sub-denominations (Baptist, Methodist, SDA, etc). This is not surprising because the Bible does not state that “salvation is of Rome”. Rather, Jesus proclaimed that, “Salvation is of the Jews”.

Teacher: Brother Elijah
Church: Israel, The Church of Jesus

Lesson Notes: Israel: The Holiness Church

Israel O’ Israel… When Will We Learn???

The Negroes/Blacks/African-Americans that have been stripped from their land, language, religion, and heritage are continually oppressed in their lands of captivity. Biblically, this proves that they are the true Israelites/Hebrews/Jews of the Bible. However, why is God allowing their condition to remain so devastating? Instead of their overall social condition improving, history just seems to rear its ugly head and repeat itself. African-Americans need to urgently understand that protesting, marching, and rioting against injustice will not solve their problem. Neither will economic development or political inclusion. African-Americans must realize that God has cursed them and he is the one controlling their punishment. From the prophet Hosea to the Apostle Paul, we read that God destroyed his people for a lack of knowledge. Yet, the black church does not let this truth be known due to their own agenda, so the masses fail to realize what their problem is.

Teacher: Brother Elijah
Church: Israel, The Church of Jesus 

Israel’s Identity stolen by Esau

After you come into the knowledge of the identity of the true Israelites, who are a black people that have been scattered into captivity and cursed by God, you may be wondering who are the people in Israel claiming to be Jews. This is why Jesus warned, this thorough interdisciplinary presentation reveals who the true Israelites are according to the Bible and who are the people inhabiting the promise land at this time and until the Lord returns.   

Lesson Notes: Israel Identity Stolen By Esau


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