Babylon Mystery Religion

Revelation 17:5 (KJV) And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.

Come Out of Her (Babylon) My People

In Revelations 18:4, Jesus, our Savior proclaims a sharp warning for all people, but especially his chosen nation Israel, to Come Out of (spiritual) Babylon. Spiritual Babylon represents all the pagan customs and observances that is ubiquitous throughout the world due to the falling away of Israel and the hegemony of the Roman Catholic Church. All people must Come Out of Babylon if they want Eternal Life!

Teacher: Brother Elisha
Church: The HouseHold of Faith

Mystery Babylon The Great!

This eye-opening Bible and history lesson clearly exposes the church of Rome as the false abominable church known as the Mother of Harlots. The whole world has been deceived by the false pagan doctrine of this institution. You may be surprised to find out how many denominations actually falls under the brand of “Roman Christianity”.

Teacher: Brother Daniel
Church: The House of Jacob

Text Lesson Notes – Mystery, Babylon the Great

 Israel, The Bride of Jesus, Rome The Whore

Teacher: Brother Elijah
Church: Israel, The Church of Jesus

Lesson Notes:

Historical_ref_Mother Church
Historical Ref_The Middle Ages -His. Ref.
Historical_ref_Mother Church_Chart (1)
Historical Ref_ ”No Salvation Outside Catholic Church” -His. Ref.

The Big Switch 

God had his prophets to foretell that a blasphemous organization being led by Satan would deceive the world by switching God’s laws and ordinances with Babylonian customs and observances.

Teacher: Brother Buie
Church: The Israel of God

Text Lesson Notes – The Big Switch

The Mystery of Iniquity 

Definition of Iniquity – A gross evil, wickedness, or sin. Definition of Mystery – That which is not understood until it is revealed. This lesson delves deep into the Bible and History to reveal the Babylonian origins of the pagan ideologies and customs which accounts for the state of confusion, evil, chaos, and death in world.

Teacher: Brother Andrew
Church: The Israel of God

Text Lesson Notes – The Mystery of Iniquity

The Wine of Babylon / Total Onslaught

In this video, the ancient religion of Babylon and its origins are traced through historic time to the very time in which we live. It is clearly revealed how this ancient religion is alive and well in religious systems of our day, dressed in a garb to suitably camouflage it from the eyes of the casual observer. This presentation by Walter Vieth reveals paganism in the most powerful church in the world.

Israel, Gods Church Replaced By A False Church, Rome Part 1

A Bible study on how the nation of Israel’s (God’s Ordained Church) disobedience to God resulted in the Roman Catholic Church (Anti-Christ System) challenging the Lord’s orders. Israel is the only nation that God interacted with wholesale and as a result he went into a covenant with them and charged them with being a holy nation of priests. They broke the covenant, were sent into captivity, and another organization has risen in Israel’s place. The Lord however, is in control and will eventually restore the order that he commissioned.

Teacher: Brother Lucius
Church: The HouseHold of Faith

Text Lesson Notes – Israel, God’s Church Replaced by a False Church; Rome

Why So Many Churches and Denominations?

The Bible and World History reveals that there are two forms of Christianity: Bible Christianity and Roman Christianity. This informative lesson reveals what gave rise to Roman power, why God calls the Roman Catholic Church a Great Whore, and how the world became drunk with idolatry. Allow this lesson to explain what spiritual whoredom is because not all worship towards God will get you eternal life.

Teacher: Brother Elijah
Church: Israel, The Church of Jesus


The Wine of Babylon : Mystery Religion

Learn about some of the ancient mystic philosophies and customs of Nimrod that have been given different titles throughout time. These traditions have been merged into mainstream “Christianity” by the Roman Catholic Church!

All Roads Lead To Babylon: By Ralph Woodrow (Excerpt)

There are only two religions: (1) the Truth of the Almighty, as expressed in His Word, the Bible; and (2) every other belief.  These two religions cannot be mixed, without disastrous results.  Babylon is the source of false religion, Revelation 17:1-6.  When John wrote the Revelation, Babylon, as a city, had already been destroyed and left in ruins, as Old Testament prophets had foretold, Isaiah 13:19-22; Jeremiah 51-52.  Though the city of Babylon was destroyed, its religious concepts and customs had spread around the world.  Today’s myriad of false religions have their origin in ancient Babylon.