The Real Jews Speak On The Election of Donald Trump

On November 8, 2016 President-elect, Donald Trump was chosen by the Electoral College – despite losing the popular vote to Hilary Clinton – to become the 45th President of the United States.

As a result, America is broken, torn between ambivalent thoughts and emotions. From Black Lives Matter to Make America Great (White) Again. From anti-Trump protests in New York to KKK parades in North Carolina, to the protest-turned riot in Portland, Oregon.

States like Kentucky are rejoicing while the nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. is devastated. Hate crimes against Muslims are flaring and many undocumented immigrants are weary. Political pundits, citizens, racial and social groups alike are up in arms.

Criticism and doubt of Trump’s cabinet is rising. Many are outraged and some are simply fearful, not knowing what is to come, thus making statements and provisions regarding leaving the U.S.

Some see this as the beginning of the end for America and for good reason; not only does the various inequalities and disparities, racial uprisings, economic climate, flawed education system, judicial and prison system, misleading media networks, and the poor quality of food hint to such but even when we reflect on all major empires of history we see that they usually crumble and fall from within.

Furthermore, if you have understanding of the Bible, you know that there has to be a transition in Western power (indicating that the U.S. is destined to decline) because the Roman Empire is prophesied to rise and reunite.

With all this being said, people are feeling and experiencing much weariness, sorrow, and pain. However, we must remember every cloud has a silver lining.

The silver lining of this cloud of awe, devastation, and suspense is based on the lines and precepts of the Bible.

Once you prove, understand, and believe God’s Word then you will know without doubt that He is in control of ALL things.

He is the one that removes and sets up world leaders (Psalm 74:4-10, Daniel 4:17). He is the one that is allowing White Supremacy (aka The Times of the Gentiles) to persist (Daniel 7, Luke 21:24).

He is also the one allowing and orchestrating the continual enslavement and oppression of the many confused, downtrodden, and despised “African-Americans” who are actually, the Real Jews/Hebrews of the Bible – who as a result of their disobedience – were prophesied of in Deuteronomy 28 to be cursed and scattered into slavery throughout the world via slave ships by God until the second coming of Jesus.  

In the two resounding video’s below, two very wise and powerful Hebrew teachers use the Holy Scriptures (KJV) to enlighten, encourage, and warn the world, specifically “African-Americans” on what thus saith the Lord in regards to the election.

In the first video lesson, “Concerning The Election“, Brother Elijah gives us a detailed bird’s eye view on some very important facts:

  • God is the one who sets up all leaders – God selected Trump as President – and if the system is rigged then God is the one who rigged it.
  • God commands us to obey the authorities in power rather than rebelling against them.
  • Trump is not the one that American’s and the world should fear. The Bible does not prophesy of Trump, but someone greater and more dangerous than any wicked ruler in history will appear on the scene – The Anti-Christ/Man of Sin.
  • Last but not least, Brother Elijah stresses the importance of not letting the election of one man weary you because not only is God in control but when we understand the big picture, we know that God is going to destroy not just one but all of the wicked rulers of the world and establish a government of TRUE justice, equity, and peace for ALL. Furthermore, it is at this time will Jesus return and deliver the true Jews – black folks who have been scattered throughout the world into slavery – from the four corners of the world. 
Concerning The Election

Teacher: Brother Elijah 
Church: Israel, The Church of Jesus
Lesson Notes: Concerning The Election

In this second video lesson, ” The Hypocrisy of America: 2016 Presidential Election” Brother Elisha boldly unveils the blatant and subtle hypocritical acts of America from the time that the Declaration of Independence was published in 1776, to the rigged presidential selection system via the Electoral College, to the chastisement of Colin Kaepernick by many White Americans for not standing up for a country built on past and present genocide of Native Americans and slavery of the Real Jews (“African-Americans”).


He also delves into the hypocrisy related to foreign relations and immigration issues – all the Europeans in this country that claim to be “American” migrated here, making them no different than immigrants that are here today for a better life, so what right do they have to tell others that they are not welcome or that they need to go “back home”???

Furthermore, how can American leaders call anyone else terrorists when they occupy, terrorize, and devastate foreign countries with war, exploit labor, and pillage natural resources that do not belong to them?

Brother Elisha makes it very clear that this powerful message is addressed to the “Negro” aka The Real Jews/Hebrews yet just like the video above, the overall message is for all people and affects all. In an attempt to awake and free the minds of his people, Brother Elisha strongly reprimands and reproves black folks for their slave mentality in thinking that voting (or marching/ protesting) is going to solve the plight of Black America when it has yet to do so.

He reminds us that with each step of symbolic progression that is made for Black America, there is always White backlash – for e.g., not long after chattel slavery was “abolished” in 1863 Blacks seemed to progress through federal civil rights legislation and the social and economic development that the Reconstruction Era provided.

However, soon after, these same people that built the country were faced with racist Jim Crow laws, the rise of the KKK, convict leasing, and were forced into ghettoes created by the government.


Similarly,  the hard fought social and political gains of the 1960’s Civil Rights Era was – again – met with harsh white backlash. In her book, The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander noted, “In the years immediately following Brown vs Board, Southern legislatures passed nearly fifty new Jim Crow laws. The Ku Klux Klan reasserted itself as a powerful terrorist organization, committing castrations, killings, and the bombings of black homes and churches.

NAACP leaders were beaten, pistol-whipped, and shot. (Boycotts, marches, and sit-ins, protesting the Jim Crow system were met with fire hoses, police dogs, bombings, and beatings by white mobs as well as the police). As quickly as it began, desegregation across the South ground to a halt.” 

When we understand that history is cyclical and that God is the one that is orchestrating the slavery and oppression of his chosen people referred to as “African Americans” in this hemisphere then it stands to reason that this group of people should not be buying into a system that is so clearly against them.

Rather, God’s people need to understand that their plight will be hard regardless of who is in office, that a harsh wave of backlash is upon us, and that if they want true emancipation, freedom, and peace then their ONLY SOLUTION is to turn not unto the leading face of their captivity, but rather back to their God by obeying his commandments.

For the God of Israel is the creator of heaven and earth, in control of all things, and will eventually redeem his people from slavery as he did in EXODUS when he destroyed Egypt – the most powerful nation in the world at that time and delivered his people from bondage and oppression. 

The Hypocrisy of America: 2016 Presidential Election

 Teacher: Brother Elisha
 Church: The HouseHold of Faith