The Best Anti-Christmas Meme’s

Make no mistake about it, we are living in the “last days” that the Bible speaks of. We are in fact very close to the end. So close that this following prophecy by Paul is old news to our generation:

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” (‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭4:3-4‬ ‭KJV‬).

I mean think about it, how long have parents been lying to their children to uphold the fable of Santa Claus flying around the whole world in 12 hours on magical sleigh, driven by flying reindeer, getting his wide circular body down narrow chimneys and leaving presents, made by elf’s in the North Pole under a evergreen tree (God knows why you have a tree in your house for someone’s birthday…?) How long have the masses endured the false doctrine that Jesus was born on December 25th and that three wise men brought him gifts as an infant, even though the Bible doesn’t tell you his date of birth, Jesus was a young child and not an infant at that time, and the number of wise men is not specified. And even if he was born on December 25th, which he wasn’t, why do people insist on putting trees up in their house? Even they don’t know why they do it! (John 4:22). Moreover,  how long have folks been celebrating these pagan customs in the name of Jesus to satisfy their own lusts? A very long time. Since about the 4th century!

This is part of the reason why it is definitely not easy being a Bible Christian in this day and age, but we know that those “that endure til the end shall be saved”, so we fight the good fight. This battle can get pretty frustrating during what some call “the most wonderful time of the year”… Not! We that know and believe the truth simply call it the season of the heathen!

Not only does it hurt to see our loved one’s blindly partake in the vain pagan traditions of “Christmas” (Christ never had a mass)… But we also have to put up with their rebellious “Christmas Spirit”, the idolized trees, pagan decorations and symbols, people wishing us a “Merry Christmas”, all the commercials, movies,  our favorite shows being subject to Christams editions, and last but not least the MUSIC – and if you aren’t vigilant you might catch yourself singing or humming along to a Christmas carol or tune  – darn you Satan!

Well, most likely the celebration and mindlessness of the false worship and commercialized vanity around this time of the year fuels the saints to go extra hard when it comes to exposing Christmas. Besides, you probably feel like you have to get Satan back for making Christmas  songs so catchy. Thus, whether it’s months, weeks, or days before, or on the day of X-Mass, we know that you (Bible Christians) flooded your timeline with Bible lessons, documentaries, encyclopedia references, re-posts, and a countless amount of eye opening Jeremiah 10 pictures to expose the pagan origins of Christmas to all that have an ear to hear.

In between all of your tireless Christmas exposing you would have also seen anti-Christmas meme’s on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook floating around that caused you to comment anything from “Amen!”and “Wow, sharing..” to “LOL” and “I can’t breathe.”

Here are some of the best Anti-Christmas meme’s from Bible Christians in 2015 (some may be older). Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!